Improve information confidence and ethical innovation with effective data strategy, data governance, and data privacy.

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What are our goals

To be the premier data strategy, data governance, and privacy management consultancy promoting the compliant, ethical, and innovative use of data and artificial intelligence by contributing best practices to the compliance and technical communities.

Why it is Important

Data Science, IOT, and AI are revolutionizing an organization’s ability to turn raw data into competitive advantage. Due to explosive data growth, emerging technical innovation, and stringent privacy legislation, the proper processes, policies, and architecture will ensure information is being handled effectively, safely, and ethically. New organizational pressures will emerge as technical and legislative landscapes continue to evolve. Boundree helps simplify the chaos.

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Strategy Services

We believe a solid foundation starts with the right strategy and executable plans both for current and future needs.

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Implementation Services

Plans are in place on how to tackle the balance of capability vs governance and privacy, now comes the work of implementing those strategies.

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Privacy & Governance as a Service

Keeping up with rapidly changing legislation, emerging technology, and data management best practices may seem daunting, we can help solve these evolving needs.

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We love a good challenge! Boundree wants to help you with all privacy needs in these rapidly changing times. Feel free to message us on social media or drop us a line at the link below. We will be in touch shortly.

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