We have extensive experience creating governance and privacy programs, helping clients improve data literacy and handle privacy needs, including HIPAA, GBLA, GDPR, CCPA / CPRA, and other state and sectoral legislation.

Our services

Boundree provides end-to-end data and analytics, data governance, and information privacy solutions enabling organizations to build and maintain world-class data, governance, and privacy programs promoting the advancement of ethical innovation.

Strategy services

The key ingredient to success is proper planning.  Utilize our strategy solutions to build understanding, create and update policies, and define a roadmap to get you to your desired future state.

  • Privacy Workshop
  • Data governance workshop
  • Regulatory and legislation requirements
  • Enterprise data strategy
  • Architecture review
  • Awareness training
  • Governance program creation
  • Privacy program creation

Privacy program guidelines and policy including:

  • Information retention
  • Information security
  • Information governance
  • Incident response
  • Vendor management
  • Awareness training

Implementation services

Subject matter expertise is hard to come by.  Leverage seasoned professionals needed to shore up your architecture while promoting compliant and ethical solutions.

  • Customer record consolidation and unification
  • Anonymization and de-identification
  • Data subject access requests (DSARs)
  • Incident response systems
  • Data protection and information security

Data governance tools including:

  • Data stewardship
  • Data quality
  • Metadata management / data catalogs
  • Master and reference data
  • Data security
  • Data privacy management
  • Information lifecycle management

Privacy & Governance as a service

Governance and privacy should be treated as ongoing programs, not discrete project with a definitive completion. Outsource the oversight, management, and monitoring to experts in the field and have ease of mind while you focus on other core strategic initiatives.

  • Chief Data Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, and Chief Governance Officer for rent
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of governance and/or privacy programs
  • Periodic awareness training
  • Risk and impact assessments
  • Onboarding new technology
  • Update policy, procedure, process
  • Program assurance

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