The balancing act across information governance, privacy compliance, data protection, and analytics capability are so important, we built a company around it.

What we do

We help organizations strategize the use of data, assess privacy compliance and data governance, create and maintain best practice governance and privacy programs, and implement necessary policy, procedures, and controls.

Why it is important

Big Data, IoT, and AI are putting massive pressures on effective risk management and effective data management


Emerging technology collecting data in real-time and utilizing endless compute and storage is revolutionizing the influence of data


Publicized breaches and unlawful use are creating corporate scrutiny

New and evolving legislation, both domestic and abroad, are holding corporations to new standards


Data sprawl makes compliancy difficult and true analytic insight unachievable


Organizations building customer confidence by being transparent and ethical with their use of data will improve brand loyalty

Our Culture

Our culture is everything.  It brings together like minded employees, customers, and partners in an engaged and effective way.

The Mission

To be the premier data strategy, data governance, and privacy management consultancy promoting the compliant, ethical, and innovative use of data and artificial intelligence by contributing best practices to the compliance and technical communities.

Values in our culture

  • Contribution to the community – access to ideas internally & externally
  • Passion for privacy, governance, and technical advancement
  • Empowered to measure on merit and inclusivity
  • Any Place / Any Where Work Model
    • Improving unproductive commute time
    • Providing unique ways to collaborate
    • Keeping overhead costs low
    • Reducing carbon footprint
    • Improving community health

Why we built Boundree

I am a data geek at heart. As a kid, reading the back of baseball cards, studying mileage charts, or analyzing city populations could fill a weekend. In college, I obsessed over analyzing odds of every casino game. Yes, the results showed the best bet was to simply walk away. No, I did not take my own advice.

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