Apr 28

Download the Podcast – How Does the Pandemic Challenge Privacy-Smart Companies?

Boundree founder, Joe Grant Bluechel, was honored to host a recent video chat / podcast discussing some important privacy issues with privacy pioneer and Boundree partner, Richard Purcell, and privacy legal expert, Camila Tobon

The discussion includes privacy issues that COVID-19 has brought to the forefront in the workplace, at home, and in our public spaces.  What should businesses be thinking about as they alter data processes in response to the pandemic?  What protocols should be considered to keep confidential data protected in teleworking conditions?  Are companies able to keep separate employee private information, customer personal data, and company confidential information?  Are companies engaging the right stakeholders as they weigh their privacy commitments to employees and customers against public health responsibilities?  These and other issues were covered in this Q&A session which uniquely brings together a legal expert, a privacy pioneer, and a technology executive. Listen to the podcast